Non-election-related Thanksgiving dinner topics

This Thursday, families across the country will sit down to turkey and mashed potatoes and…silently stare at each other?

Typically, current events are a staple conversation lubricant (to go along with the fermented grape lubricant) that fills up Thanksgiving Day. But a major family holiday a few weeks after the most bizarre election in American history was maybe not the best scheduling—particularly if you, like many of us, live in a house divided.

Some families like to hash out their disagreements over their third helping—but I’m guessing many people will be working to keep the peace. To help the latter crowd, here are a few conversation starters that have nothing to do with the current US political landscape:

1) Discuss what red wine and bar charts have in common.

2) Share five simple truths to polish writing style.

3) Educate those around you about writing schemes.

4) Explain the difference between B2B and B2C communications.

5) Reassure your grandmother that the English language is not going into decline.

6) Insist that your family edit their emails.

7) Muse over a future that will be run by robots.

8) Dazzle your parents with your ability to make regulations sound sexy.

9) Bring some serious music knowledge to the table.

10) Clear up some misconceptions about graphic design.

11) Rail against the use of pie charts (while eating pie, of course).

Brittany Williams

Brittany is the editorial director at Leff. She is passionate about helping clients tell their stories through incisive, fact-based narratives. Every once in awhile, she takes a break to muse on rhetorical devices, grammar, and content strategy on the Leff Communications blog. Follow Brittany on Twitter @britpetersen.

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