Our most-loved blog posts: 2016

This past year was a big one for this small company. We got 33 percent larger, took on a wide variety of new projects—including producing a video for Chicago’s Growing Home and working with the Chicago Council on Global Affairs to explain how public anxieties gave rise to Donald Trump—and Delilah wrote multiple blog posts that top the list of our most popular posts of all time. But Delilah wasn’t the only one to write a popular blog this past year. Below is a list of our top ten best-performing blogs of 2016:

1. “Red wines and bar charts: Two of my favorite things.” Delilah nailed it with this post, featuring graphs like “Holidays where I drank more than one bottle of red wine.” It’s a relatable post that can be read and reread. Not to mention that it offers some great graphic design advice. (Use bar charts.)

2. “The pie chart: Overused, misused, and abused.” Another post by your favorite designer, this one documents all the ways pie charts are used for evil. While they can be an effective tool, their applications are sparing, and you probably want to use a bar chart most of the time (see above).

3. “Five rules to write by.” This post by Brittany was our best-performing editorial post of 2016 and offers answers to five writing queries that come up time and again, including how many spaces go after a period (one!).

4. “Why I work at Leff Communications.” I provide an intimate look into the culture of this little octet, chronicling the shenanigans at our inaugural internal bowling competition.

5. “Leff videos rated platinum Hermes Creative Awards.” Our founder penned this post about the four award-winning videos we produced for Deloitte as part of their USOC sponsorship activation efforts. Featuring Olympic and Paralympic athletes, these short, powerful clips are almost guaranteed to make you cry. At least, they’re guaranteed to make me cry—every damn time.

6. “8 misconceptions about graphic design.” Yet another chart-topper from our design director, this post proves that so much of what you thought you knew about designers was wrong.

7. “I’d like to thank. . . .” This post–Academy Awards post (whoa!) by Annie (me) highlights how no successful person goes it alone to reach a goal or complete a project. Although culturally we may like the idea of the lone genius, few success stories have only one character.

8. “The decline of the English language isn’t real.” Brittany eases your concerns that our language is going down the drain with the rise of smartphones, texting, and other social media. LOL, you guys, everything’s cool, k?

9. “Figures of speech: Four schemes to spruce up your writing.” I share some more straightforward advice about writing that will help you change up your sentence structure and keep things fresh. I also used all Silicon Valley quotes for examples because, well, if you’ve watched the show you know why. #thebest

10. “Worst. Christmas. Song. Ever.” Scott recaps our first annual “Worst Holiday Album” contest in this post, providing summaries of each entry and revealing Leff Comm’s most detested Christmas song.

And there you have it. Stay tuned throughout 2017 for more of Delilah’s famous chart blogs. Next up: column charts! The rest of us will keep blogging too, and maybe we’ll include cool pictures so that you’ll want to read those occasionally as well.

Annie Mullowney

As a senior editor, Annie focuses primarily on developmental editing and drafting, helping clients sharpen their stories and tell them in a compelling way.

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