Leff’s picks: October 2017

From good-humored to intense, Leff shares the articles, video clips, and interviews that left us doubled over in laughter, charmed, and outright appalled.

To unwind and stay in the know, we enjoy riffling through subscriptions, headlines, and news feeds, as do many of you. Each month, we’re reporting back with the findings that grabbed our attention. This compilation includes an SNL skit featuring Ryan Gosling that our content marketing team found relatable; an editorial chronicling the origins of Boeing’s 747, with delightful black-and-white images; and a podcast interview with Jodi Kantor on breaking the story about movie producer Harvey Weinstein.

From Heather, managing editor:

I’m fortunate enough to have several graphic designers in both my professional and personal life who are admirably passionate about their craft—and about typeface. I’ve had enough conversations about fonts to think this Saturday Night Live digital short is hilarious, but the best joke of all may have been left unsaid. In the final frame, is the word papyrus shown in Comic Sans? [Yes. Yes it is.]

From Rachel Henry, editorial associate

I’ve always been in awe of flying and planes, perhaps because as a kid I fell in love with travel and have remained enamored with it ever since. Their size alone seems to dismiss the notion that planes can remain gracefully in the air for sometimes upward of 12 hours. And yet they do. This article, written by a British Airways pilot on the history of the Boeing 747, puts into perspective the revolutionary nature of its invention in terms of not only its technological progress but also its place within the cultural zeitgeist. What other technological advent can claim such a long career, as well as mentions in songs by Joni Mitchell, Prince, and Earth, Wind & Fire.

From Alia Samhat, account manager

Many have been engrossed in the unfolding of the collective realization of Harvey Weinstein’s long history of sexual harassment. In this interview with Slate podcaster Isaac Chotiner, the New York Times investigative reporter Jodi Kantor discusses how she and her colleagues finally broke the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal. She addresses why his widely known behavior in Hollywood’s film industry went unreported for so long and the team Weinstein assembled to “deal with” the Times’ probing. Also, check out Courtney Love in this clip from 2005 in what appears to be a cautionary warning to young actresses about Weinstein.


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Alia Samhat

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