Leff brand design: Communicating through colors

Between late 2017 and early 2018, Leff went through a rebranding exercise with an external expert. It was time; we hadn’t taken a critical look at our brand since Leff’s inception in 2010. The process guided our team to articulate our core purpose: helping our clients communicate their ideas to their target audience in compelling and accessible ways. We eventually translated our mission into a tagline: “Turning ideas into assets.”

The impetus of the rebrand was our recognition that our website, which had served us well at the beginning, felt outdated; it no longer represented the company we’d become over seven years. We realized a website update alone wouldn’t do it—we needed to go through a branding exercise that would help us present our company differently and reflect our personality as a team—more modern, dynamic, and bright. Our office is filled with dedicated, inquisitive, and creative people who are determined to do their best work, and we also like to have fun around here. Our color palette needed to reflect that. We mixed simple grays, which portray balance and professionalism, with brighter colors, which evoke creativity, collaboration, and an approachable environment. This combination of colors helped give Leff a fresh and modern look.



Connections between colors and emotions can tell so many stories. Our rebranding exercise forced us to look at our presentation the way our clients might; our new look and feel is representative of the progress we’ve made. We’re excited about all the work we’ve done to date, and we’re thrilled to take this new look into a new year.

Delilah Zak

The principal visualization artist at Leff, Delilah works collaboratively with the team to conceptualize and create all manner of graphic content, from public reports to management articles to standalone infographics and beyond.

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