Scaling editorial and design: A peek inside the Leff office

Almost a decade ago, Scott launched Leff Communications with the intention of filling a niche need in the business community for high-quality editorial content. From those humble beginnings, the team has grown to almost 20 editors, designers, video producers, and account professionals. Along the way, we’ve scaled to build an editorial and design process that combines high-touch client service and the efficiencies offered by a diverse, well-coordinated team.

We had fun putting together the interactive below, which illustrates the typical journey an article, white paper, or report takes through our office—from conception through final production. It also reveals a bit about the Leff culture—namely our love of music, as demonstrated by the records spinning in the ’70s lounge, the artist posters on the walls, and the music venues that lend their names to our conference rooms.

Cover photo credit:

Brittany Williams

Brittany is the editorial director at Leff. She is passionate about helping clients tell their stories through incisive, fact-based narratives. Every once in awhile, she takes a break to muse on rhetorical devices, grammar, and content strategy on the Leff Communications blog. Follow Brittany on Twitter @britpetersen.

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