Roundup: Our most-searched grammar posts

If our search results tell us anything, it’s that people want clear guidance on how to use quotation marks, when to use an em dash, and whether they can actually use a sentence fragment. Here, we’ve rounded up our most-searched grammar and style posts for those in need.

No-nonsense guide: How to use quotation marks

We offer a handy list of no-nonsense rules that, as with our other posts on grammar and style, are the perfect passive-aggressive thing to send to a coworker who thinks every word is ironic enough to warrant quotation marks. These rules apply regardless of the style guide you use (AP, Chicago style, etc.).

Hyphens, em dashes, and en dashes—what’s the difference?

This one comes with a helpful, printable PDF for quick and easy reference. Bonus: The PDF includes cute dog photos. 

Are fragments acceptable in professional writing? Surely not. 

If you don’t believe fragments have a place in business writing, this post will surely convince you. If nothing else, you’ll be entertained by the tale of Annie’s frantic search for proof that yes, sentence fragments are acceptable. 

Want more?

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Are you using that word correctly? Probably not.

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