Roundup: Our most-read design posts

In 2016, I penned three blog posts about design that—despite being pretty cheeky—are just as relevant today as when we first published them.

Five typography rules to design by

In this post, I share the most important typography rules, along with examples that demonstrate visual differences—such as between kerned and unkerned 1s or ligatured text. And check out this follow-up post from our design associate, Katie, for more typography rules.

8 misconceptions about graphic design

Time to refute common fallacies about graphic design. Contrary to what some might think, it’s actually more science than art. And despite the complexity and the time-consuming life of a designer, it can (winces) still be enjoyable.

The pie chart: Overused, misused, and abused

Authors and thought leaders frequently fall back on the pie chart. While there are applications it’s best suited to, it’s actually often the wrong choice (you should probably use a bar chart instead).

Want more?

Here are some more insights from our design team:

Visualizing police violence and racial inequality in America

The Gold Standard: Design takeover, November 2019

Interactive visualization: Bringing attention-grabbing data to life

Typographic anatomy: An interactive guide

How to approach graphic design: A Q&A with Jake G.

Printing methods: Which is best for your project?

Delilah Zak

The principal visualization artist at Leff, Delilah works collaboratively with the team to conceptualize and create all manner of graphic content, from public reports to management articles to standalone infographics and beyond.

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