What we’re watching this week: 3/22/21

Global vaccine stories continue to dominate our news feeds, but there are some new angles to explore—like how the vaccine supply chain opens the door to major cybersecurity risk. We’re also keeping our eye on research that links food waste and jet fuel, as well as on the continuing volatility in the oil market.

Vaccines: A hacker’s dream?

Cybersecurity may not be the first thing that comes to mind when people think of vaccines, but IBM research indicates that the vaccine supply chain is under threat. From production to storage to distribution, massive amounts of data are circulating on technology platforms. We’re forecasting a wave of content from risk experts to address the issue, which a number of publications have already explored:

• This Slate piece takes a look at the problem and which organization is best suited to address it in a meaningful way.

The Washington Post shows how multifaceted the issue is—from hospital targets to calculated moves by nation-states.

• Deloitte examines another cybersecurity angle—the vulnerability of digital vaccine credentials.

Food as fuel—for planes

Companies have written on the need for more sustainable aviation practices (see this report from McKinsey). Could food waste—a massive problem for the population and the environment—play a role? New research shows that it’s possible. We’re hoping companies that have been pushing sustainability probe this further, along with other big ideas on the circular economy and waste. Here’s what else we’re following on this topic:

Deloitte and Delta are teaming up for sustainable fuel initiatives.

• This McKinsey article details the necessary steps to achieve carbon-neutral flying.

• The World Economic Forum explores other uses for food waste.

What’s next for oil

Eyes have been on the oil and gas industry as players grapple with a shift to greener energy sources, the pandemic-related demand drop, and rising capital costs. And this week’s falling prices showed just how vulnerable the industry is to external forces, such as a slowdown in the vaccine rollout. We’re expecting companies to rev up their oil and gas content engines in response. Here are some recent takes on the industry:

• McKinsey asks the big questions oil and gas leaders have to answer now as the world looks for more sustainable energy sources.

• BCG boils down the industry’s value creation to one thing: shareholder value.

• An opinion piece in Bloomberg takes a look at the narrative around shifting prices and booms and busts—and puts all of that to rest, saying simply that there’s just too much oil.

Alia Samhat

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