Would you apply? Take our job-ad jargon quiz to find out

We’re looking for self-starters and go-getters with a proven track record who think outside the box, love a good thought shower, and can hit the ground running.

I feel like I need an actual shower after writing that. Blech. Yet such jargon-laced, abstract, garbage descriptions are likely familiar to anyone who has applied for a job recently—particularly if you live in Washington state.

Being in the business of writing clearly and succinctly, we’ve written many times about why you should avoid jargon in thought leadership articles: it obscures the message, makes for a bad reading experience, and, frankly, is lazy writing. But what’s the effect of such jargon in job ads? How offensive do people really find it? Or, conversely, do they find it desirable? Take our quiz to weigh in and see where you fall on the continuum:

Annie Mullowney

As a senior editor, Annie focuses primarily on developmental editing and drafting, helping clients sharpen their stories and tell them in a compelling way.

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