UI Labs: Annual Report

UI Labs is a public-private consortium that seeks to take on grand challenges by harnessing the collective power of government, academia, and the private sector. Although its stakeholders were aware of the organization, they needed people to understand how UI Labs functioned and its impact.

We developed a narrative that blended editorial and design to tell UI Labs’ story and communicate its distinctive mission, and adjusted the typical format so the story of its origins, structure, and role could be told visually. The piece was designed to communicate to 500 member organizations, the US federal government, prospective partners, and the general public.

Chicago Council on Global Affairs: What Americans think about America First

We worked with the Chicago Council on Global Affairs to bring their research and public opinion survey to life in this report. We worked with the data and author insights to establish the storyline and draft the report, working closely with the client and their insights to create a distinctive piece that added to the national conversation. We then worked through design and report layout. Data visualizations presented the data in clear, compelling ways, with easily identifiable patterns and analysis.

Heidrick & Struggles: Is diversity at an impasse?

Heidrick & Struggles conducts an annual study of board composition, experience, turnover, and diversity. Their analysis is used across industries to highlight trends in corporate leadership. In addition to the full report, they needed an executive briefing to share key messages.

Our editors reviewed the data and analysis to help establish the narrative, as our designers worked through the informational hierarchy. We created the full report layout, including exhibits and graphics, and then developed a dynamic, interactive executive summary to share report highlights in an engaging online format.