Script + Concept Development

Leff video production reel

Our reel shows the scope of our productions and highlights the creativity we bring to visuals and storytelling. These projects bring out what makes us unique, from our subject matter expertise to a knack for creative problem solving. We’ve tackled complex topics and transformed them into compelling, narrative-driven pieces that connect with viewers and make a lasting impact. We’ve dealt with challenges that could threaten the production, but we’ve never let them stand in the way of a great video. We’ve come up with full scripts from one word a client’s handed us. This reel represents just some of that experience.

Nike: Unveiling the KD 7

This stylistic concept video was part of the launch of Nike’s KD 7 shoe. Our video team began with the narrative concept development and moved through scripting, production, and post-production. When we learned we’d have only a short time to film Kevin Durant, we adjusted the production approach to ensure we would still have a great final product.

Deloitte: Intro to the Winter Games

We partnered with Deloitte to bring their USOC sponsorship campaign to life for the Olympic Winter Games 2018. Our full video series comprised 19 total videos that ranged from 30-second intro videos to longer narratives to internal engagement pieces that built on messaging from other initiatives at the organization. The 19 videos were edited from footage from nine shoots across the US and Canada.
This video was part of a Meet the Team compilation released in September 2017.