A smarter approach to content

Leff Content Marketing

The Leff Strategy Studio is our full-service strategy and content arm. It’s where research and analysis, consulting, and editorial and design creativity come together for more effective, distinctive content campaigns. When clients collaborate with us, our shared ambition, curiosity, and personal commitment sparks the energy and ideas that take content to the next level. We work together to build brands, connect with audiences, and achieve business objectives.

Research and analysis

• Our trend reports offer unique ways to discuss hot topics, with an eye on what’s a good fit for your organization and how we can help you build a content strategy that leads the conversation.

• Competitive analysis and market research provide audience insights and help us identify white space.

• A message matrix—an interactive report of competitors’ messaging—illustrates where they excel or where fall short and what gaps we can fill to advance the conversation.

• Ongoing trend monitoring, data analysis, and competitive scans keep your insight relevant and formats fresh.


Strategy and consulting

• Our positioning and messaging strategies for products and services help you define—or defend—a competitive position in the market. Our messaging is designed to make your services cut through the clutter and resonate with your audience.

• We consult directly with your experts to ensure we’re providing value to your audience—giving them high-quality solutions to business issues, your organization’s proprietary insights, and analysis.

• Integrated campaign consulting and planning helps you put a stake in the ground and connect to and engage your audience across channels, from online to in person.

Content development and distribution

• Content development explores best-in-class options that work for you, including editorial, design, video, in-person and virtual events, and digital formats such as interactives and podcasts.

• We design and implement efficient content-development processes that maintain the highest quality levels while ensuring your insights get to market in a streamlined fashion.

• Analytics helps measure ROI and progress against goals, supporting ongoing iteration.

• Workshops and messaging toolkits help engage internal stakeholders in campaigns and support rollouts.