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Leff Strategy Studio

Successful content starts with a strategy. The Leff Strategy Studio helps you understand the landscape, find distinctive angles, and lead the conversation.


See the strategy studio in action:

Leff Gold Standard

The Gold Standard evaluates content and thought leadership, assessing each piece on four metrics—provocativeness and timeliness, analytical rigor, depth of prescription, and overall readability—to identify the most compelling and credible voices. This level of analysis offers an accurate, objective view of the current trendsetters in content—and where we think the conversation is headed.


Leff Competitive Analysis

Our Competitive Analysis uncovers common themes and competitors’ share of voice. This detailed look at the marketplace provides a review of competitors’ marketing and content on a given topic or within an industry—highlighting not just how much companies are publishing and on what topics but also the impact of their efforts. Through our analysis, we help companies identify and implement best practices that allow their ideas, products, and services to stand out from the pack.

Leff Message Matrix

In our Message Matrix, we lay out competitors’ key messages, positioning, and perspectives to clearly spotlight white space and potential angles that companies can own. As the volume of published content continues to rise, finding new approaches to topics is the difference between having a distinctive voice and just contributing to the background noise.

Leff Content Planning and Prescriptions

Our Content Planning and Prescriptions enables firms to lay out a clear, actionable path to ensure their content rises to the top. From messaging platforms to extended, integrated content campaigns across multiple channels, we can help reach and engage the target audience. We use data and performance insights to continue to refine our strategy and recommendations—making sure that distinctive, conversation-leading content stays that way.

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