9 social media ideas for B2B companies this fall

It’s autumn in many places in the world, which means the days are getting shorter and darker. But it’s not all bad news—especially for marketers. People react 42 percent more often to social media posts when the sun isn’t shining, making fall the perfect time to engage your audience on social media—and maybe even try some new things. Below are some fall-themed ideas to get people clicking.

Explore partnerships and contests

This is a great time to explore partnerships with companies that complement yours, allowing you to make new relationships and expand your audience. Offer partners a discount code or team up with one or more of them for a contest. These are also fun ways to give back to your community and highlight local businesses. After all, it is the season of giving!

Take people behind the scenes

A behind-the-scenes video can give your audience a peek at how you create or produce some of the things they love. It’s like a haunted-house tour but without all the scary stuff!

Provide gift options

Ahead of the busiest shopping season of the year, consider promoting your company’s offerings or products as gifts or stocking stuffers on social media. Offer people the opportunity to buy gift cards or gift subscriptions to your services by including a link to purchase. You can even create ads or add product tags that take viewers straight to your products in-app through Instagram Shopping.

Highlight growth

Change is a common theme in fall content. Embrace change through “then and now” posts that offer a glimpse into your company’s history and show how far you’ve come. For instance, juxtapose a product in its original form with the current version, or illustrate the way your logo or branding has evolved over the years.

Create original templates

Give your social media visuals a boost by creating unique autumn templates for your posts. This could mean switching your typical color palette to include warmer tones. You could also create downloadable templates and share a link to them.

Share ‘recipes for success’

Fall is all about food. Have fun with this theme by sharing colleagues’ “recipes for success.” These could be checklists for approaching a challenging project or ways to adapt to clients’ needs. You can’t eat the finished products, but they’ll still be tempting to readers!

Tell scary stories

Everyone is used to reading company success stories. Consider switching things up for Halloween by highlighting some harmless blunders and mishaps from the past year. Did someone join the wrong Zoom call or mistakenly order three dozen rolls of Scotch tape for the company holiday party? Did you send the company newsletter to the mailing list twice? Such mistakes may have been scary in the moment, but now they can be turned into opportunities to be authentic and connect with your audience.

Share your traditions

Does your company have any annual traditions? If so, sharing pictures with your audience is a great way to promote company culture and offer other organizations some ideas for the holiday season.

Embrace ‘giving week’

Designate one week as your “giving week” and offer daily giveaways as an incentive for your audience to continue visiting your accounts. Try a flash sale one day, a free report on another, a free consultation or trial for the first ten people to leave a comment, and so on. At the end of the week, award one of your products or services to one lucky winner who has liked all your posts that week. The possibilities for such a week are endless, and the campaign will be a great plug for some of your latest projects and products.

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