An evolution of WFH

Working from home in May 2022 feels different from doing so in May 2020.

Of course, we’re no longer in the early throes of a pandemic that has derailed many people’s lives. Back then, I was still desperately trying to get my one-year-old hooked on television because she was at home all. day. long. It’s strange how that became normal for a short time: my husband and I timed our work calls around primary parent responsibilities, and we’d trade off the power to hide behind a closed door. And we didn’t really grasp that we were entering a period that would get much worse before it got better. That we would experience isolation, misinformation, fear of this thing threatening our still-unvaccinated toddler—as well as anger that the stubbornness of individuals and a lack of political leadership led to so much more damage than necessary.

Now, my husband’s rolling work chair has worn patterns into the wood floor of our bedroom. As I type, the computer monitor that I lugged home in an Uber in March 2020 sits to my right, plastered with electronic to-do lists that have evolved dramatically. The most profound change has been the Leff team itself. Through the personal and professional challenges of the past two years, we worked and worried and triumphed and stumbled together. Amid a steady stream of not only projects but also new and unexpected challenges, we relied on one another. We cared for one another. We checked in (at a respectful and COVID-safe distance). And we grew.

When the pandemic started, Leff was a steadily growing company of 16 full-time employees—almost exclusively editors, content strategists, and graphic designers. Then we hired 19 people in 12 months. Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve mounted two entirely new departments: editorial production (as a separate operation from editorial development) and client operations. And we’ve hired more internal roles that help us maintain our culture and strengthen our operations as we grow.

That growth shows no signs of stopping. I’m excited for the next six months of Leff editorial. We’re building out our team, as are my colleagues in design, production, strategy, and client operations: every Leff department is hiring or will be soon. For the editorial team, I’m looking for people who have a passion for editing, can hold their own with strong client personalities, and are eager to tackle any and every type of editorial challenge.

More simply, I’m looking for people who are curious, confident, adaptable, humble, and smart. Because let’s be honest: we spend a lot of time at work. And the workplace—even when you’re dialing in from your kitchen—is defined by the people in it.

Leff is hiring. Check out our open editor position.

Brittany Williams

Brittany is the editorial director at Leff. She is passionate about helping clients tell their stories through incisive, fact-based narratives. Every once in awhile, she takes a break to muse on rhetorical devices, grammar, and content strategy on the Leff Communications blog. Follow Brittany on Twitter @britpetersen.

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