Leff Strategy Studio: What we’re watching this week

Each week we’re looking at forces shaping the conversation in business and society to help readers stay ahead of the curve.

A number of trends are on our radar this week—and we expect more companies to weigh in on these trends in the coming months.

Texas tribulations and inclusive infrastructure:

Smart cities, infratech, climate change, and the post-pandemic world are all hot topics in infrastructure. Major storms in Texas highlighted the urgent need for a deep focus on inclusion, equity, and access; companies should start strategizing now.

The SPAC surge:

We’re only a couple months into 2021 and SPACs (special-purpose acquisition companies) have raised more than $26 billion, compared with $83 billion in all of 2021. SPACs are essentially shell companies that exist to acquire private companies, thereby taking the private company public without going through an IPO. What’s more, socially conscious SPACs are on the rise as institutional investors seek more ESG-aligned investments for the long term. The C-suite is paying attention.

Brand reckoning continues with PepsiCo:

Companies are rightfully rethinking DEI in their strategies, and consumer sentiment is a key driver in their moves. PepsiCo’s rebranding of Aunt Jemima, alongside larger DEI commitments, is just one example of this. Companies need guidance on how to turn their commitments into real action.

Ed tech takes flight:

Much remains uncertain about the post-pandemic world, from hybrid learning models to making education more accessible and equitable through technology. Despite a slow start, new and existing education-technology entrants are competing on innovating and changing demand.

Alia Samhat

Alia is a partner at Leff. Her expertise is in creative strategy and content development. She spends her time working with writers, marketers, designers, video producers, analysts, and subject matter experts to produce meaningful work.

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