Our most read LEFF insights and blog posts: 2022

LEFF has published a lot of content this year—55 internal posts at the time of writing, to be exact (not to mention the hundreds of pieces we’ve helped our clients produce this year). Each blog brings out the author’s unique perspective, offering insight into the worlds of work culture, design, grammar, and cheese (to name but a handful of the myriad topics covered). It’s these varied points of view that allow us to thrive as a team and consistently produce top-notch content for our clients.

While every one of our authors deserves recognition, below is a countdown of this year’s 10 most read posts. We look forward to next year when we can bring you even more incomparable LEFF blogs.

10. The poetry of content

Starting off the list strong, Ross gives us a glimpse into how the building blocks of poetry can inform all types of content. While you may turn heads with too many “forsooths,” economy of language and word choice are two more tame options that Ross suggests considering for your content.

9. Leff’s picks: The newsletter you need in 2022

Every month, Annie rounds up LEFF recommendations for media we’ve enjoyed consuming recently. In our January 2022 rendition of the recurring post, we highlight a particularly eclectic assortment, including an Aussie children’s television show, a data viz newsletter, a star-studded satire, and an album from the early 2000s.

8. Why I still take on editing projects

Scott (not Mr. Leff—that’s his dad, who lives in Iowa City), despite his status as founder of the company, never shies away from digging into client work and pitching in where needed. In this post from July, he breaks down the reasoning behind his hands-on approach.

7. Leff’s picks: Staying busy for six more weeks of winter

In light of the meteorological prognostication of the furry menace in Punxsutawney, we were all desperate for an escape from winter this past February. Luckily, Leff’s Picks was there to save the day, offering Disney dancing, tech tips, a postapocalyptic program, and a nuanced novel.

6. Sweet victory: Remembering the 1968 Winter Games

Sometimes, our blogs take on a more introspective tone, as was the case in this cozy post by Karen. Reflecting on her experience as a child watching the 1968 Winter Olympics, she recounts the joy and wonder that the games evoked and nestles into the nostalgia of a time decades past.

5. What being a consultant taught me about editing thought leadership

For many, the decision to change jobs as part of the Great Resignation marked a life-altering shift. Tina’s experience was no different; however, she discovered that the editorial world was not so unlike the consulting background she left behind. She considers the similarities in this insightful blog.

4. Thought leadership and the fourth estate: Finding common ground

Editing thought leadership content may not be the most glamorous job a writer can have; in fact, it often comes with little to no fanfare. But as Karen sharply outlines in this blog, writing B2B content has its own rewards beyond the notoriety relegated to the world of journalism.

3. The worst jargon of 2022

In a post that we like to circle back to at the end of the year, Annie muses about the year’s worst jargon. Hopefully we can incentivize players looking to drive value creation through increased spend to slow down, reassess their lexicological priorities, and give this blog a read.

2. There’s crying in writing

Artists may suffer for their work, but writers bleed for every word. Such is the thesis of this post—another entry by Karen. Baring her soul and exposing the anguish of the craft, she offers, via witty and comical prose, a look into the heart and mind of a writer.

1. Get smart: Overcoming the curse of knowledge in thought leadership

Topping this year’s charts with her fourth blog on this list is Karen (well done!). In this post, she tackles the curse of knowledge in thought leadership and how authors can sometimes be too smart for their own good. Luckily, though, she and the whole LEFF editorial team are there to help, trimming and pruning until only the most essential and informative bits of an article remain.

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