Our most read Leff insights and blog posts: 2021

By all accounts, 2021 was a banner year for Leff. Doubling in size is no small feat, even for a small company. And while celebrating growth is important, it’s also invaluable to remember where we came from and what our success is founded on: the ideas and dedication of every member of the Leff team.

As a result of our growth, we’ve added a host of new voices to our company, and they’re all eager to reflect on thought leadership, creativity, and the world at large. To celebrate the writing of our increasingly diverse team, below are this year’s most read blog and insights posts, including pieces on grammar, design, marketing, and moms.


10. Our most-read culture blog posts

While it may feel like a low-budget mockery of Inception to have a countdown blog inside of another countdown blog, this post by Tiana looks at our most popular culture blogs through August of this year. It’s pretty much blogs all the way down.

9. Over the river and through the woods: A practical guide to prepositions

I wrote this post in March after realizing how often a particularly pesky part of speech popped up as pertinent to my proofing: the preposition. Alliteration aside (oops), prepositions are vital to colorful sentences, and this guide is a great first stop for anyone wishing to learn more about them.

8. The macro trends that will shape content in 2021

In this insights post, we predicted which trends would most affect content in 2021, including environmental, social, and governance (ESG) actions; diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI); and artificial intelligence. All of the topics on the list played an important role in thought leadership throughout the year, demonstrating how vital it is to keep one’s finger on the pulse of content.

7. The data viz editor rises: An origin story

Though she may not keep the streets of Gotham free of crime, Mary is our own data viz superhero. In this post, she outlines her synesthetic journey from crayon drawings to dictionary discoveries and higher-level mathematics—all converging to make her the data viz star we’re so lucky to have as a member of the team.

6. Sponsored content: Why it should be part of B2B content strategies

Karen puts on her marketing goggles and addresses a few ways to harness the power of sponsored content—also called native advertising—in a B2B setting. If you weren’t considering using sponsored content before, Karen will change your mind on the matter.

5. Moms of Leff: Balancing kids and work during a pandemic

For a piece accompanied by an adorable graphic that displays Leff’s various mothers and their kids, Brittany interviewed some company moms to get their take on balancing being a mother and working during a global pandemic. Both heartfelt and hilarious, this post offers a peek behind the Zoom backgrounds.

4. A taste of the ‘old normal’: Reflections on returning to the office

Six months ago, a majority of the then-smaller Leff team converged in our downtown Chicago office for a return to prepandemic life—one that many of us had not experienced in some time. Allan reflects on that experience and offers a collection of quotes from the team on the moment of normalcy.

3. The power of timing: Leff welcomes Luke Collins as SVP of thought leadership and content strategy

It may seem self-serving to include a hiring announcement in a top 10 countdown of most read blog posts of the year, but I believe its high standing on the list is indicative of a larger truth: company growth is exciting, and these days, we could all use a reason to be excited. (And also, Luke has a big fan club out there.) He has been an irreplaceable addition to the Leff family because of—among other more relevant reasons—his knowledge of cricket.

2. We don’t get no respect: The scourge of misspelled names

In a post drenched in his trademark wit, Allan muses on the plight of having his name frequently misspelled—including by his own cousin. And he’s not alone: a number of other Leff team members weighed in on the subject and shared their own name-related mishaps. Don’t worry, Alan Allin Allan—I’m sure they’ll get it right eventually.

1. The Leff 2021 midyear trend report

Coming in at number one on the list is the Leff 2021 midyear trend report—and a fitting conclusion it is. A collaboration by more individuals than can be reasonably named here, the trend report is indicative of the team mentality we have at Leff. Beautifully designed and thoughtfully edited, the report focuses on the trends that were shaping the thought-leadership discourse halfway through 2021. Keep an eye out for the 2022 edition of this annual report.

Honorable mentions

We’ve had two late-breaking blockbuster pieces post just this month. Mimi’s interview with Haley Hammond of M1 Finance on the topics of DEI and the types of efforts small firms might consider in that area has been skyrocketing up the standings—as has Annie’s reflection on Leff’s first in-person holiday party in two years and all the unexpected emotions that came with it. You don’t want to miss either of them.

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